SydeQuest Games - December Pokemon Cup

Pokemon League Cup


$28.00 – $42.00 per person



About this experience

Pokemon League Cup, The Armoury Wargames and Hobbies, Fairhaven, August 27  2023 |

Calling all Pokemon Masters! 🚀

Prepare to embark on an EPIC Pokemon adventure right here at SydeQuest Games! Get ready for some high-octane battles, dazzling prizes, and more fun than a Pikachu in a Pokeball factory! 🎉

This event will be best of 1

Event Highlights:

  • Preregistration: Roll in early from 1:00 PM to 2:00 PM and secure your spot! Make sure to have your trusty Pokemon ID and a completed Deck List ready. No worries if you don't have one; we've got you covered at the counter! 📋✅

  • Battle Commencement: Sharpen your skills, for the games begin at 2:00 PM SHARP! ⚔️

  • Prizes Galore!: 🎁 Unleash your inner champion! Win 2 Booster Display box if you claim the coveted 1st place. ETB for the top in each division.  Random ETB giveaway and more.

  • Mystery Giveaways: Even if your Pikachu's Thunderbolt isn't top-notch, you could still win some electrifying surprises! 🎁⚡

How to Join the Adventure:

  1. Click the ticket button and buy your ticket on our webpage!
  2. Swing by SydeQuest Games between 1:00 PM and 2:00 PM to get your name on the list.
  3. Pack your Pokemon ID and snag a Deck List if needed. Then, let the games begin! 🚀

Rules of the Quest:

  • We play by the official Pokemon TCG rules and tournament format. Master the rules here: Pokemon Rules and Resources

  • Respect your fellow trainers, and remember, it's all about FUN! 🤝

Need More Intel?

If you're on a quest for answers or just want to chat about all things Pokemon, contact us here:

  • 📞 330-331-7741
  • 📧

Spread the Magic!

Don't keep this adventure to yourself! Share this event with your fellow trainers, friends, and rivals. The more, the merrier! Let's paint SydeQuest Games with a rainbow of Pokemon battles! 🌈

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🎮 SydeQuest Games 🏰 - Your portal to adventure awaits at 131 Main St., Wadsworth, OH 44281! Join us for epic gaming experiences, unforgettable challenges, and a welcoming community. Visit us today and level up your gaming journey! 🚀 #SydeQuestGames