This event will run over the course of three months as an escalation league to encourage players to develop their skills and armies for bigger and better battles along the following phases:
  1. ROUND 1 - 500 pts OR Combat patrol
  2. ROUND 2 - 1000 pts Swiss (Best of 1) Tournament
  3. ROUND 3 - 1500 pts Double Elimination Tournament
For 500 and 1000 pt games, individual units are capped. 
     1) Only 2 of each unit is allowed (usually it’s 3)
     2) Unit toughness is capped at 9 for 500 points
     3) Unit toughness is capped at 10 for 1000 points
     4) All As Sold Combat Patrol Armies are Valid for ROUND 1

No restrictions are in place for 1500 point games

Note for players: This format is not intended to exclude anyone throughout the event as point values increase. If anyone is having difficulty with scaling up an army for any reason, please reach out.

Rules Clarifications:
  1. Rules for each game shall follow the Leviathan Core Rule Book and all updates from Games Workshop.
  1. ROUND 1 allows for a different army for every matchup. Each player should choose a faction at the beginning of ROUND 2 and ROUND 3.  The players can augment their list with (Aprox 200 points) in bench units allowing them to adjust for individual match-ups. Each player can select a different faction at the beginning of a new phase.
  1. Game schedule - Scheduling games will be up to the players in ROUND 1. Each player must schedule and commit to at least 3 games during each phase. All 3 games in each phase must be with a different opponent.
    ROUND 2 Will have published matchups that need to be completed within a week. No showing by a single opponent is a LOSS. Both parties no showing in a week are a TIE. ROUND 3 Bracket will published at the start, Each weeks matchups will operate like ROUND 2. SEMI FINALS and FINALS will be single day events.
  1. Round 1 Prize support will be primarily based on win % and a smaller incentive for having "Battle Ready" armies. 3 pts for each win and 1 pt for being "Battle Ready" each game.
  1. New participants can join anytime throughout the event but are likely to be at an obvious disadvantage on points.