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Warhammer 40K - Angels of Darkness HB 20th Anniversary Edition (BL3031)

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Key Features

  • The Dark Angels fight to protect their greatest secret
  • Beautifully finished, and presented with an introduction by the author
  • Written by Gav Thorpe

A Dark Angels Novel

The Dark Angels are amongst the most devoted of the Emperor’s servants, but the Chapter will do anything to protect its ancient secrets... including one stretching back to the Horus Heresy.

Explore the rich history of the Dark Angels, and the terrible damage their darkest secret has inflicted on this proud Chapter. It's also a prequel to the Lords of Caliban series, shedding light on the fate of the original Dark Angels force charged with purging the world of Kadillus.

Dark Angels Interrogator-Chaplain Boreas and his men protect the recruiting world of Piscina V, watching over those who will be the next generation of Dark Angels. But when the Chapter’s greatest secret – the existence of the Fallen, warriors who turned against their brothers ten thousand years before – comes to light, Boreas’s own past interrogating one of these traitors comes back to haunt him with tragic consequences.

Written by Gav Thorpe.

This beautifully presented Anniversary Edition features foil blocking on the cover, four full-page colour illustrations, and an introduction by author Gav Thorpe.