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Bandai -1/144 DRAGONAR SET2

Bandai -1/144 DRAGONAR SET2

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BLUE BOYS SQUAD UP! We love these colors and are excited for them to be coming back with new vibrancy, but don't expect too much in the way of pose ability. 
From the nostalgic "Metal Armor Dragonar" comes a set of metal armor from the Giganos Imperial Army led by "Giganos's Blue Hawk"!
■ The "Falgen" on which Captain Maillot Prato is on board and the three main aircraft "Guelph" have been revived as a set with a new molding color.
■ The "Guelph" kit can reproduce three types of "Guelph", "Yakuto Guelph", and "Levi Guelph" by combining parts.

■ 1/144 Falgen x 1
■ 1/144 Guelph x 3


Grade/Scale 1/144 (Non-Grade)

Condition This is a model kit and requires assembly.

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