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King Of Monster Island

King Of Monster Island

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In King of Monster Island, players will play as giant monsters who must work together to defeat a titan-like Boss before it finishes building an interdimensional portal. Each turn, players will roll dice to damage other monsters, heal themselves, gain energy and buy cards, move around the island, activate human support, and increase fame. For the Boss’ actions, they are controlled entirely by he game itself. Using the results of the dice rolled into the volcano, the Boss will move, activate their minions, and attack nearby monsters. Their goal: allow their minions to set up the pylons needed to construct the portal. To win, the players must defeat the Boss before they manage to activate the portal or defeat even a single Monster. Otherwise Earth will be demolished!

1-5 players
Ages 10+
45-60 minute play time

5 Monster Boards
1 Boss board
1 Monster Island board
1 3D volcano
18 Dice
66 Cards
8 Cardboard figures
9 Sheets
50 tokens
12 Support tiles
1 Cloth bag
1 Rulebook
Energy cubes and tokens
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