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Catapult Castle

Catapult Castle

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Other kingdoms have built their castles right next door... and is that one a little taller than yours? Better knock them down a peg! Whenever a tower crumbles, you will use the resulting debris to build a new one for yourself.

In Catapult Castle, you will take turns firing one shot with the catapult. If it goes in a tower, you claim that tower and add it to your player mat, and the person you took it from draws a card. This continues until all the ammo has been used, or one player has no more towers. Then the player with the most towers wins!

A fantastic game of destructive dexterity for all ages!

1-4 players
Ages 7+
30 minute play time

1 Catapult
36 Catapult Ammo
32 Cards
16 Castle Towers
4 Player mats
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