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D&D 5th Edition: Dragonlance - Shadow of the Dragon Queen Deluxe Edition

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The army of the evil Dragon Queen marches across Krynn, opposed by an alliance of desperate defenders. On the battlefield and beyond, it’s up to a band of adventurers to turn the tide of war and save Krynn. Experience these heroes’ adventures in Shadow of the Dragon Queen Deluxe Edition™, a unique experience that connects the Shadow of the Dragon Queen™ Dungeons & Dragons® roleplaying adventure for characters of levels 1–11 with the mass-combat battles of the Warriors of Krynn™ cooperative board game!
Key Features:

HEROES OF WAR: Provides character creation rules highlighting core elements of the Dragonlance setting, including the kender race and new backgrounds for the Knight of Solamnia and Mage of High Sorcery magic-users
Introduces the Lunar Sorcery sorcerer subclass with new spells that bind your character to Krynn's three mystical moons and imbues you with lunar magic
DRAGONLANCE: Introduces the Dragonlance setting to 5th Edition and an overview of what players and DMs need to run adventures during this world spanning conflict.   

WORLD AT WAR: Participate in an epic war story set during the War of the Lance.  
VILLAINS: Pits heroes against the infamous death knight Lord Soth and his army of draconians. 
BATTLE SCENARIOS: Offers 12 different scenarios of varying difficulty, 6 with content customized for interacting with encounters in Shadow of the Dragon Queen. 
BATTLEFIELD: Presents a set of double-sided battlefield and encounter tiles for building unique battlefields with diverse environments.  
Warriors of Krynn Game Components:
6 Highly detailed hero figures  
6 Hero Boards  
136 Plastic unit markers  
10 Double sided Battle tiles  

22 Double sided Adventure tiles  
7 Custom Dice  
92 Tokens  
320 Cards  
7 Card dividers  

1 Storage tray  
1 Rulebook  
1 Scenario book  
1 Key Moments Tracker