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Goodman Games

Dungeon Crawl Classics (DCC) Dying Earth #2: Sorcerer's Tower of Sanguine Slant

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A level 2 adventure

Goodman Games continues its line of adventures for DCC Dying Earth with DCC DE #2 The Sorcerer’s Tower of Sanguine Slant. A towering spire of gravity-defying frozen blood beckons adventurers to plumb its depths. Lurking within its sanguine walls is the black IOUN stone, protected by vat-birthed monstrosities and the ghost of a long-dead magician.

The Sorcerer’s Tower of Sanguine Slant is a softcover adventure designed for 2nd level characters. It describes a most unusual wizard’s tower and the bizarre occupants encountered therein. Although designed for DCC Dying Earth campaigns, it can easily be used in any DCC RPG setting with minimum changes.

Based on The Dying Earth Book Series by Jack Vance.