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Wizard Of The Coast

Fantasy Realms Deluxe Edition

Fantasy Realms Deluxe Edition

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The Fantasy Realms base game was nominated for the 2021 Kennerspiel des Jahres! Bruce Glassco's Fantasy realms is a modern classic, and this new deluxe edition has upgraded every card with a sleep, intuitive graphic design. The base game cards have also been updated to include new art from Anthony Cournoyer to mach his beloved work on "The Cursed Hoard" expansion, giving the entire game a fresh look. In Fantasy Realms, you bild your Realm, one card at a time, as you collect Beasts, Armies, Wizards, and more! Each card is unique and scores points based on the other cards in your hand. You start with seven cards, and each turn you'll draw a new card from the deck or discard, and discard one card from your hand, always trying to improve your Realm! Whoever's realm scores the most points is the winner!

What's in the box:
  • 95 Cards, 100+ Full Art Card Sleeves, 1 Scorepad, 1 Rulebook

  • • Return to Magic’s home plane in a set full of your favorite MTG legends and heroes
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