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Mutant Crawl Classics (MCC) Adventure #13: Into The Glowing Depths

Mutant Crawl Classics (MCC) Adventure #13: Into The Glowing Depths

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A Level 2 Adventure for MCC RPG!

A menace awakens in the irradiated ocean depths of Terra A.D., one desiring the conquest of the lands above. Standing between an army of mutant genetic experiments and world domination is an isolated research facility miles beneath the ocean’s surface. From within that remnant of the ancient times, a most unusual intelligence seeks heroes to act on its behalf. The characters soon find themselves in a hostile environment, beset by enemies on all sides, but with rich rewards awaiting them if they can prevent the mutant army’s conquest. Will they succeed in thwarting an evil spawned in the glowing depths of the post-apocalyptic future or will they breathe their last breath deep, deep under the sea? 

  • Explore a deep sea research installation dating back to before the apocalypse and discover the wonders and terrors it contains.
  • Make your stand against a marauding army that threats life both above and below the waves.
  • Serves as the perfect gateway to further adventures under the post-apocalyptic waves of Terra A.D., providing artifacts, allies, and mutations to help explore The Glowing Depths.
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