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D&D Onslaught Faction Pack - Red Wizards

D&D Onslaught Faction Pack - Red Wizards

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he magocratic Red Wizards rules the country of Thay with an iron fist. Nefarious nd notorious in equal measure, agents of the Red Wizards consort with demons, practice foul necromancy, and stop at nothing to secure more power for their patrons - and themselves.

This faction pack includes everything you need to field the Red Wizards faction in D&D Onslaught.

Plastic components.

Approximate Height:
  Zook: 25mm
  Basra: 28mm
  Lament: 33mm
  Quellabrelten: 36mm
  Elak: 32mm
  Farilun: 38mm

6 Miniatures
  ‣ Zook Doublefilch (20mm Base)
  ‣ Basra Ashlord (25mm Base)
  ‣ Lament (25mm Base)
  ‣ Quellabrelten Amasnodel (25mm Base)
  ‣ Elak Uldanin (25mm Base)
  ‣ Farilun of Scardale (25mm Base)
6 Combat Dial Character Cards
12 Level Up Cards
2 Red Wizards d20
15 Tokens
Rules Sheet

Miniatures are supplied pre-painted and pre-assembled.

This is not a stand-alone game. A copy of D&D Onslaught: Core Set is required to play.

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