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Kings Of War - Halfling Ambush Starter Set (MGKWHF103)

Kings Of War - Halfling Ambush Starter Set (MGKWHF103)

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This set contains all the miniatures, rules, and instructions to start building an Ambush force for Kings of War and learn the rules. It's a perfect beginning to your Kings of War journey!

Since gaining their independence, the Halfling shires have established a well-trained and well-armed military. These doughty warriors take advantage of every advance their homelands have to offer, from black-powder weaponry, to juvenile aralez cavalry.

Plastic components.

  ‣ 1 Spearspikes Regiment
  ‣ 2 Wild Runners Troops
1 Ambush Starter Book
1 Instruction Manual
1 MDF Infantry Base (100 x 80mm)
2 MDF Heavy Infantry/Cavalry Bases (125 x 50mm)

Miniatures are supplied unpainted. Preparation and assembly are required.


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